Developing a Web Application Using Angularjs

AngularJS, developed by Google, is an open source structural JavaScript framework. It is the best used for building web apps as it is dynamic, and helps create Single Page Applications by just using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Angular is extensively used for developing responsive web designs that will make the web application usable with many devices.

Why is AngularJS the best and beneficial?

Developers save time as they don’t need to code an entire application as AngularJS is derived from HTML. This lets the developer to focus on functionality. The code is testable and the code as well as the components of the code can be reused which profusely reduces work. The below are the efficient features AngularJS possesses.

Two-way data-binding:
The two-way Data Binding is a brilliant feature in which any change made in the view will reflect in model and vice versa for a responsive experience.

These are extended HTML attributes. You can custom the directives.

Client side MVC framework:
For an incoming client request in AngularJS, the response is in the form of JSON data and it makes the web application manageable.

Dependency Injection:
The Angular injector subsystem that is available is entitled for creating components, resolving their dependencies, and as well providing them to other components as requested. By resolving dependencies the work load on the backend is predominantly reduced.

You can easily define your own filter for the display of the user which can be viewed as templates, controllers or services.

Expressions will bind Angular application data to HTML elements and display the result exactly where it is located.

Used to access the view value in controller. There are JavaScript functions that are bound to a particular scope.

Usecases of AngularJS:
AngularJS can be used where there’s increased work load. It uses an ultimate approach where, API will be in a stateless server and UI will exchange the data with your server in JSON format, by which both ends can be decoupled.

When there are a lot of updates need to be made often and dynamically, Angular is the best. Angular paves a trouble-free way to do it than DOM manipulation frameworks can.

The Single Page Application leads to rational and maintainable way of AngularJS.

Build AngularJS Web Apps and Websites

The Guardian:
The Guardian is a British daily newspaper known for its design in publishing arena. UI of The Guardian website is developed as an AngularJS app.

Video Streaming Apps:
It suits well for apps that are especially used by millions.

Example: Youtube for PS3

User-Review Applications:
We would definitely want to know about that something before we go for it. Be it a product we are going to buy or any movie to watch. We are very much interested in the reviews and sceptical about it. We would want to know about it to make a wise decision. There helps AngularJS with user review applications.

Example: GoodFilms, that provides reviews.

We all would have heard about this. It is best known for the manufacture of Lego-brand toys, consisting mostly of interlocking plastic bricks. It uses Angular’s single page application.

Travel Apps:
The dynamic features are perfectly suited for travel apps as they are very sought after.

Example: JetBlue

Weather Apps:
Everyone would be worried if it rains all of a sudden when we are driving. But we can plan and escape from it if we behold forecasts. The weather should be updated at frequent intervals which is essential for any weather app.


User Generated Content Portals:
As AngularJS can handle tons of posts, projects, updates and chats every second, it is extremely compatible for portals like and Both use AngularJS as their basis.

Walmart, is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores. The amazing features and experience you receive is because of AngularJS

E Commerce and M Commerce:
Many leading commerce market sites are built by the use of AngularJS.

Example: Paypal

Newyork times: loads of news every day but still a its a reliable website. It is definitely because of AngularJS. Here also Single page application is used.

Social Apps:
Every professional is on LinkedIn. It is famous with everyone as it is easy to know about a person and his/her interests. When you view a profile he/she also gets notified. LinkedIn for mobile was built with AngularJS.

With all these valuable features of AngularJS developing a smooth web application. If you want to develop An AngularJS web app s for your business just drop a mail through us.